5 Unbelievable Facts About Amazing Comparison


Did you know that Sweden is home to the largest number of islands in the world? There are 267,570 of them. Mt. Everest is over 29,000 feet high. You may have also heard of the Mariana Trench, which is over 36,000 feet deep. Whether you’re a history buff or just curious, these facts may surprise you.

Average store size is 105,000 square feet

The Home Depot is one of the world’s largest home improvement chains. Its average store size is 105,000 square feet, and it has 2,147 locations nationwide. It also operates 34 EXPO Design Center stores and 11 The Home Depot Landscape Supply stores. It has two stores in Florida dedicated to selling flooring.

Some big-box retailers are looking to reduce their store size in order to attract more customers. For example, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is planning to make its Neighborhood Market stores smaller, adding bakery items and revamping their health and beauty departments. The company is also looking to open more Neighborhood Market stores.

A recent study revealed that Bloomingdale’s Santa Monica store is less than an eighth the size of its Manhattan flagship store. The retailer was able to save money by not adding a third floor and cutting back on the slower-moving home and children’s departments. It also streamlined the store by using innovative techniques to save space. For example, it installed a mobile rack that moves mannequins and clothes as they are sold.

Average store is not a Supercenter

When you go to a supercenter or an average store, you’re getting more stuff. You’ll find more red, white and blue decorations and themed food. You can also find more sports equipment and home decor. Both stores offer the same items, but at the supercenter, the selection and quantity are much more abundant.

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