Five Mind Numbing Facts About Comparison


The human mind is wired for comparison, starting at a young age. Toddlers compare lunch boxes, toys, and even exam results. Even monkeys seem to be prone to compulsive comparison. For example, they were happy to trade stones for grapes or cucumbers.

Comparing your life to others

It can be mind-numbing to constantly compare your life to the lives of others. You may feel mediocre, inferior, or unworthy. This feeling likely started in childhood. Authority figures might have reinforced your perception that you’re not good enough. In order to break the cycle of comparison, you must first learn to separate yourself from other people’s lives.

The truth is that you’re only one person and life is too short to spend comparing yourself to others. The most important things in life are those that matter to you. It’s not a good idea to measure yourself against others, because you’ll never know if the other person’s happiness is greater than yours.

Social media is a powerful tool for comparison, but it can be a dangerous tool. While it can give you a sense of accomplishment, it can also make you feel bad about yourself. If you spend too much time on social media, you’re likely to feel bad about yourself and your life.

Besides causing you to feel depressed, comparing yourself to others can also lead to feelings of unworthiness and dissatisfaction. In fact, comparing yourself to others is a form of mind-numbing, and it will make you feel as if you’re not worthy of happiness. Instead, try to set and reach goals in small steps, one at a time. Setting small milestones in your life will motivate you and make you feel proud of your achievements.

Rather than comparing your life to others, try to look at the story you’re telling yourself and make the necessary adjustments. You should learn from others’ successes, but not compare yourself to theirs. Only do this when your heart is in it. So, how do you change your thinking?

Comparing your life to the lives of others is a terrible habit. It robs you of happiness and can destroy your career, confidence, and self-esteem. It’s hard to recognize and can be difficult to stop. However, it is possible to overcome the habit. Here are some tips that will help you change your habits.

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