How to clean a jetted tub

How to clean a jetted tub

Jetted tubs are trendy in the bathroom remodel world. They can be a very luxurious addition to your home, and when cared for properly, they will last you for years to come. However, with all of the hard water in Iowa, keep your jetted tub clean with some preventative maintenance. Our guide on How to clean a jetted tub helps you to clean them properly.

Cleaning a jetted tub can seem like an intimidating job. This is true when you want to clean it properly but aren’t sure what you need to do. 

Use a jetted tub cover.

First, you need to purchase a jetted tub cover. It will keep the water in your tub clean and help prevent mold and mildew growth. It makes it easier to clean the tub when you want to because all you have to do is remove the cover, scrub it down, and then put it back on.

Cleaning supplies

You will need several cleaning supplies before starting cleaning your jetted tub. These include:

  • Bucket and scrub brush for cleaning the jets and bottom of the tub
  • Vinegar, baking soda, and dish soap for cleaning the sides of the tub 
  • Paper towels or rags for drying the tub after you have cleaned it. It would help if you also used a microfiber cloth to remove any streaks that may be left behind. 

Jetted tub care: cleaning and maintenance schedule

It is essential to do regular cleaning and maintenance of your jetted tub. If you have an acrylic tub, you should clean it every two weeks with a special jetted tub cleaner that you can purchase at your local home improvement store.

It will help keep the water in your tub clean and free of mold and mildew buildup. If you have a fiberglass or other type of tub, you will need to clean it with bleach and water. It should be done on monthly basis, depending on how often you use your tub.

If you have a jetted tub, then you probably know that they are one of the most luxurious ways to relax in your own home. They are great for unwinding after a long day at work or as an alternative to taking a hot bath or shower. However, there are some things that you need to do to keep your tub running smoothly. These tips will help you keep your tub in great shape.

1. Clean it Regularly

If you have a jetted tub, you need to clean it regularly to make sure that it runs smoothly and is free of any grime or dirt. To do this, use a brush with soft bristles on the jets to remove any hair or lint accumulated there. Soft bristle brush can also be used on the exterior of the tub and the sides and bottom.

In addition to this, you should use a jet cleaner that is designed for your tub type. For example, if you have a ceramic tile or acrylic tub, use an acrylic cleaner.

2. Don’t Use Chlorine Bleach on Your Jetted Tub

While chlorine bleach can be used to clean other parts of your bathroom, such as the sink and toilet, it should never be used on your bathtub. This is because the acidic nature of the bleach can cause permanent damage to the acrylic surface of your tub. The best way of bathtub cleaning is with a non-abrasive cleaner that won’t cause damage to the surface of your tub.

3. Maintain Your Jetted Tub Regularly

For your jetted tub to last as long as possible, you should maintain it well. You should schedule regular cleaning and maintenance appointments with a professional to ensure that everything is working correctly. It will help you to get the most out of your tub.

4. Keep it Clean

The jets themselves are generally easy to clean, but you should make sure that the rest of the tub is kept as clean as possible. Ensure that any grime or soap scum that builds upon the walls and bottom of the tub is removed regularly to keep it working correctly. 

Things or tools you need for how to clean a jetted tub

Jetted tub cleaning products. Rubber gloves or other waterproof gloves. The proper tools for your jetted tub. You will need a tool that fits into the jets to clean them out with it. It’s a little like a corkscrew, but it has threads and fits inside the jets. You will also need something to clear out the jets after you have used the tool. 

You will also need something to wipe up the mineral deposits that come out of the jets when cleaning them. This can be a paper towel or rag, or if you have a long-handled scrub brush, it works well.

Ways to Clean a Jetted Tub

There are several ways to clean a jetted tub. One of the best ways is to use baking soda, vinegar, and hot water. The baking soda helps with hard water deposits, and the vinegar will help remove soap residue that may be left behind. The final step is to remove the jets in the tub and get them cleaned degreased.

Cleaning the inside of your jetted tub

Jetted tubs can be a fun and relaxing way to enjoy a bath, but the jets can get dirty and clogged with minerals. Keeping your jets clean is essential for hygiene, as the jets are not just for show. If you have hard water, different minerals will accumulate on your jets, making them a breeding ground for bacteria.

To clean the inside of your jetted tub:

  • Drain the tub 
  • Fill it with fresh, hot water 
  • Add 1 teaspoon dish soap in water 
  • Use a bottle or bucket to pour the solution into each jet 
  • Let the solution sit and then drain the tub
  • Wipe down the walls of the tub with a sponge and then dry them off

Its the best to do this process at least once a month to keep your jetted tub running smoothly. Jetted tubs are also great for giving your skin a deep cleanse, making them ideal for people who suffer from eczema or psoriasis.

Cleaning around and underneath your jetted tub

A jetted tub is an excellent addition to any bathroom. They are deep and offer a soothing, therapeutic experience. Unfortunately, they are also dangerous to clean. Jetted tubs need to be cleaned on the inside and outside of the tub, and the jets can get messy if they’re not taken care of.

Here are some tips for cleaning your jetted tub.

Before you start cleaning, turn off the water and remove the drain stopper. Cleaning a jetted tub can be dangerous if the water is still running. Remove any debris from the inside of your tub. You may need soft-bristled brush or vacuum attachment to get all of the dirt out. 

Make sure that you don’t get any debris stuck in your jets. Use a toothbrush and clean around the faucet holes on your shower head and in the faucet. Vinegar and baking soda are also good to use to clean your shower head. Spray the shower head with vinegar, let it sit for about five minutes, then use a toothbrush to scrub off any grime.

If their is a hard water stains on your tub or sink, mix equal white vinegar and water parts in a spray bottle. Spray the solution on the surface, then wipe it away with a clean towel after a few minutes.

What steps did you take while cleaning a jetted tub? 

Jetted tubs are a luxurious way to bathe, but they can get dirty quickly. They need to be cleaned regularly to prevent mold and other buildups from contributing to unhealthy living conditions.

Here are the steps for cleaning a jetted tub:

Step 1: Drain the water from the bathtub and remove the stopper.

Step 2: Spray down the entire tub with a hose, paying close attention to any nooks or crannies that might have soap scum build-up.

Step 3: Use a scrub brush to clean out the drain. Use a toothbrush to clean out any soap scum around faucets and handles.

Step 4: Using a bucket, fill the tub about halfway with water and add two cups of table salt. This will help deodorize and disinfect the tub. 

Step 5: Using a sponge, scrub the entire tub with a water and dish soap cleaning solution. Use the toothbrush to clean out any hard-to-reach areas.

Step 6: Rinse the tub with water from the hose, getting all soap residue off of it.

Step 7: Dry the tub using towels or newspaper.


The first thing to do is get a bucket, fill it with hot water, and add a few drops of dish soap. Next, you can pour the soapy water over the entire tub until you see suds begin to form. Then use a sponge or other scrubbing device to get rid of dirt and grime built up over time on your jetted tub’s surface. Make sure to clean all of the jets as well for best results. 

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