How to drain a hot tub

How to drain a hot tub

You love your hot tub. Your pool filter filters the water, making it clean and smooth for when you want to heat it with the heater and get into the warm water. But unfortunately, a hot tub needs regular maintenance so that it can be kept clean at all times. There are 2 ways to drain your hot tub so that you can effectively clean it:

Cleaning a hot tub isn’t as difficult as it may at first seem, but some people may struggle with getting started. This is true if you don’t know where to look for the drain plug – which is usually hidden under the hot tub. However, if you search for it and can pinpoint the location of the drain plug it becomes a simple maintenance task.

When you’re getting familiar with how a hot tub gets drained, it’s best to have an idea of the type of drain valve involved so you can understand how they function.

Define what types of things are needed to be done in order to get the draining process started. Otherwise, you may find yourself left confused as you attempt different approaches (such as rotating, pull, and pushing) that won’t work and perhaps leave you further frustrated than before.

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Why is Draining a hot tub is necessary?

Aside from taking care of some hydro massage basics like checking and adjusting the water pH, you should make sure to drain and refill your hot tub before every use. This may seem repetitive, but you have to remember that a hot tub needs regular maintenance, especially if you’re an avid user.

If your hot tub is used heavily or if you don’t drain, clean it afterward or use a special spa cleaning machine between uses, and keep it in good shape by doing both at least once every three months.

When water sits in your hot tub or spa for long periods of time, it may cause some unwanted problems to crop up. One of the most common issues is the smell and appearance of your bathing area.

Mats will tend to get slimy, inviting critters to live on them, which will be dangerous when people walk around barefoot. Equally problematic are odours that build up within a spa.

Even though an odour is not quite as much as a moving creature such as a bug, these scents can carry germs and bacteria, so they are an issue you want to deal with early and quickly in order to have yourself a health-friendly hot tub.

How to drain a hot tub immediately?

Here we are providing you easiest way how to drain our clean your tub

Step 1.

Whenever you go to drain the water from your hot tub, be sure to turn off the power to avoid electrical shock.

Step 2.

To remove the water from your hot tub, you can either drain it through its floor-mounted drain valve or use a hose to siphon off whatever water remains in the tub. Perhaps the easiest way to drain your tub is by submerging a submersible pump in the hot water until all the excess water has been removed.

Step 3.

Once you’re done, wipe your hot tub down, and then apply a non-foaming cleaning product to the entire tub. Be sure to use an appropriate hot tub cleaning product rather than a household one or else you might be dealing with minor structural damage later on. Take care of that now and it’ll save you a lot of hassle in the future.

Step 4.

Once the allotted time passes, rinse off the tub and dry it.

Step 5.

Fill your tub with clean water now.

How to fill your hot tub

The simplicity with which you can replenish your hot tub will astound you. All you have to do is make sure you first turn on the filter and then fill through the filter until the pipework that feeds your hot tub slowly fills up first with water.

It’s this way because an airlock could potentially happen if you don’t do it by filling through the filter first. An airlock happens when there’s actually trapped air in your pipework.

This means that the water isn’t flowing as it should and may show an error reading from your panel. If this happens, or you’re just unsure of what to do, it’s important to talk to a certified technician who can help.


We know that owning a hot tub is such a great investment, but it’s very important to keep things maintained while also making sure it doesn’t separate into two pieces. A hot tub can be a great investment, but maintaining it is vital to it lasting a long time.


Can I drain my hot tub water in the garden?

Hot tubs are not necessarily harmful to your lawn but you should consider avoiding using it for a period of time if you would like to avoid the damage. One trick is to refill all of the water without adding chlorine and wait until the level has returned to normal before reusing it.

Another option is to test a little amount of water on an inconspicuous area of your lawn to see if there’s any damage. In addition, try not dumping out too much liquid at once because even though chemicals and minerals won’t be able to do anything about your grass, dumping excess amounts can result in burning your roots.

If you’re one to regularly add chemicals such as chlorine or shock the water, keep in mind that emptying the hot tub is not advised since it will only result in wasted chemicals. Rather, pour these liquids directly into a drain where they belong.

How much time hot tub takes to fill?

Hot tubs, in general, use a hose to fill up the tub with water. If you’re filling up a 300-gallon tub, and you have a standard 3/4 UK-sized hose, it should take roughly 1.5 to 2 hours to fill your hot tub.

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