How to remove tub drain

How to remove tub drain

One of the most annoying problems that most homeowners face is a clogged tub drain. It can ruin your day but if you know how to remove the tub drain, it won’t stand a chance. In this blog, we will look at different ways how to remove tub drain and keep your bathroom clean.

It is not an easy task to remove the tub drain. You can call a plumber to do it for you or you can also purchase a tub drain remover tool. There are many types of tub drain remover tools and they work in different ways. This blog will tell you more about the tub drain remover tool and how it works.
Removing a bathtub drain is an easy task. But, figuring out the type of drain stopper can be difficult. There are many types of these stoppers and knowing which one you have before attempting to remove it will save you a lot of time and effort later on.

Other than this, there’s only so much that can go wrong when removing a bathtub drain. The worst part will probably be the wad of hairball-wax clog that may be lodged below the drain…but not to worry, because we have ways to prevent clogs like this in the future! In any case, removal of your tub’s drain requires tools that can be easily found around the house.

When to Remove a Bathtub Drain

Calling a plumber is always advised, but if you’re replacing your tub or just want to get it clean for general maintenance then here are some tell-tale signs that you may need your bathtub drain removed.
Bathroom drains are an important part of the bathroom. They prevent water from overflowing and causing damage to other areas of your home. If you have a bathtub drain that is clogged, it should be removed as soon as possible so it does not cause any more problems.

How to Remove Tub Drain?

Bathtubs are a large and very important part of our lives. They can be relaxing, invigorating, cleansing, and stressful all at the same time. One of the most common problems that people come across with their bathtubs is clogs.

Clogged drains are annoying because they cause water to back up in your tub. If you have an older bathtub drain, it could even affect the entire plumbing system in your home if not dealt with quickly and properly. Don’t let this happen to you!

Clean Drain

After you remove the stopper, clean any debris from the drain basket by using a brush. Be sure to get rid of any food particles and hair that may be in the drain basket. Hair is something that you can’t help but notice on your tub. Hair can clog up your drain and make it hard for water to drain out of the tub.

If there is some kind of blockage in the drain, pour vinegar down the drain to dissolve it. After this process, run water through the tub.

Remove drain basket

Most drain baskets have a metal or plastic crossbar that stops large debris from dropping down the drain. Use small needle-nose locking pliers to remove the drain basket. Lock the pliers onto the middle of the crossbar. To open the basket, spin it counterclockwise.

Another option is to use a particular drain wrench. This wrench helps reduce the chance of breaking the basket when removing it because its form-fitted to slide into the crossbars. Pull out the drain wrench into the crossbars and turn counter clockwise to eliminate the basket.

Clean Drain Opening

If the drain opening is clogged with grease or other debris, you’ll need to remove it. The calmest way to prepare this is with a plunger. Plungers work by creating a vacuum that forces water up the drain and out of the clog.

Clean all the pieces of the drain. Then, use a mild cleanser or a mixture of one part vinegar and one part baking soda to wash it off. Also, clean the plug or stopper if you’re planning on reinserting it rather than replacing it.

Test the drain for leaks

First, put a few dabs of plumber’s putty around the drain flange. Let it dry for the amount of time specified on the package; usually about two hours. Next, close the drain and fill your tub with a couple of inches of water. Use a piece of tape or a pencil to mark how high the water rises.

Test the drainage clear clogs as essential

Check to see if you have any drain clogs. If the water drains slowly, use a commercial-grade tub cleaner or a homemade solution to clear the clog and test the drainage again.

Identify the stopper

There are three common types of bathtub stoppers. The first, the toe-touch stopper, pops open and shut when you touch it with your toes. The push-pull structures a center knob that you push in to near or pull out to open. Finally, the lift-and-turn looks like the push-pull, but it needs you to lift. The toe-touch stopper cracks open and closed when you press on it.

Remove the stopper

Removing a toe-touch stopper is relatively easy—just pop open the stopper and unscrew the shaft cylinder by turning it counterclockwise.

Plumbers use putty, a material that’s like clay and can be molded when it is soft. It’s usually used to seal plumbing pipes together. If the putty has hardened, soften it with a hairdryer or heat gun for several minutes before removing it from the pipe.


Why can’t I unscrew my bathtub drain?

If the pop-up drain stopper is stuck and won’t unscrew, use pliers around the round cap to wiggle it loose. Placing a soft cloth between the pliers and the top of the stopper can help prevent damage. Wiggle the stopper left and right and up and down until you can free it.

How to Remove a Push-Pull Drain Stopper?

• Set the drain to its open position.
• Lift up on the drain stopper’s knob and turn it counterclockwise.
• After enough turns, the drain stopper should be unscrewed and come free from the drain opening.

Are tub drains universal? Are they the same size?

Modern tubs are universal in their drain holes. Modern bathtubs have 1.5-inch diameter drain holes, which will fit any modern tub. Antique bathtubs may differ, so be sure to check your measurements before purchasing a new tub or drain.

How do you access a tub drain pipe?

In order to remove a tub drain, you must first access the drain pipe. This requires removing the tub or accessing the drain pipe from underneath.

How to remove tub drain without crosshairs?

If your tub drain has crosshairs, you might want to remove it. First, if they are broken or missing, you will need to use a drain key and other tools to remove the drain.

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