Resin vs acrylic tub

Resin vs acrylic tub: Which is Best

Resin and acrylic are the popular options when it comes to bathtub installation and remodeling. Resin and acrylic tubs can be made in any shape and size, which is why they are popular choices. There are a lot of misconceptions about these bathtubs, which can complicate the decision process. This blog will separate the facts from the myths and help you decide which bathtub is best for you.

Difference between Resin vs acrylic tub

What is an Acrylic tub?

Acrylic Tubs are one of the best bathtubs you can buy. They are available in a wide range of colors which makes them attractive and stylish. They are not only attractive but they are also able to withstand more pressure than other products. Acrylic Tubs are preferred by many bathroom remodelers due to the fact that they are easier and less time-consuming to install. Acrylic Tubes have become popular across the world due to the millions of dollars that have been spent by marketers to get the word out. It is a great product that has been invented to be able to provide all the benefits of a regular bathtub at a much lower cost. They are not only popular in homes but in many hotels as well.
Acrylic tubs are indeed a hot favorite among many homeowners today as they have some terrific features which make them so desirable. For example, when it comes to upgrading your bathroom into something more modern and comfortable than a new acrylic tub will do the job quite nicely. These contemporary looking bathtubs are versatile and low-maintenance making them a great option for anyone – from the techie homeowner who likes to keep things simple, to those who prefer a bold statement piece in their bathroom.

Benefits of Acrylic tub

  • Acrylic is a very versatile material. It is often used in the bathtub industry because it’s light and easy to mold, so you can find acrylic tubs in many different sizes and shapes. Because of its versatility and strength, they are also often used in aquariums or as bathtubs for bathers who may have limited mobility due to illness or disability.
  • Acrylic bathtubs, otherwise known as polymer bathtubs are lighter in weight than other types of tubs. They’re easy to install and can be used for many different reasons including replacing an old tub that is too heavy for you. Remember the typical acrylic bathtub weighs approximately sixty pounds, while a cast iron tub can weigh up to four hundred pounds.
  • Acrylic tubs do not rust and they last a lifetime. They are soft, warm, and luxurious. They are more affordable than cast iron and steel baths. These baths do not chip, crack or shatter.

Drawbacks of Acrylic tub

  • While acrylic tubs are harder than traditional bathtubs, they are far from scratch-proof. To stay out of the danger zone, avoid using rough, abrasive cleaners and don’t place anything abrasive inside them – like metal spoons and forks.
  • Acrylic tubs are a bit more slippery than metal, ceramic or fiberglass bathtubs. For example, you’ll have to be extra careful when it comes to standing up on an acrylic tub as opposed to when you feel more stable standing up on a metallic or polyester bathtub.

What is the expected lifespan of Acrylic tubs?

Acrylic tubs can last for up to 10-15 years. That is a long time of enjoyment. This time can varies depends on the use of tub. The more you take care of your tubs, the longer they will last. Treat it with the same care you would any expensive piece of furniture. For example, cover your tub when it’s not in use so no one accidentally cuts themselves on the edge. Also, always dry out your tub after you use it so water is not left to collect and damage the finish of the tub. This will keep your tub looking great for years to come.

What is a Resin tub?

Resin bathtubs are made of rocks, minerals, and acrylic plastic and are a high-end choice for your bathroom. Stunningly durable as a custom option in any bathroom or tub space and available to you at affordable prices that you can’t see anywhere else on the market. You can’t lose by looking into what these bathtubs have to offer when it comes to giving your home the aesthetic appeal which will leave a profound feeling of awe and appreciation in anyone who sees them.
Resin tub is a bathtub that has the advantage of giving a very modern and contemporary look to the bathroom. Today, homeowners are replacing their old bathtubs with resin tubs. Resin tub may not be suitable for certain bathroom settings, but they are the best option in many other settings.

Benefits of Resin tub

  • Resin bathtubs are a popular choice among East Coast residents. If you’re searching for a luxurious bathing experience, but you don’t have time to engage in high-maintenance activities, then a resin bathtub could be the ideal option for you. Resin is easy to clean and pretty low maintenance, so these tubs can make bathing blissful…and simple!
  • Stone resin tubs are great heat retention, which allows you to rest assured that your bath will still be comfortable even after all the water has cooled, as heat will continue to be released for quite some time.
  • Resin tubs are manufactured using a highly flexible material that can mold and be molded into a variety of different tub types, sizes, and shapes, meaning you’ll find something that fits your preferences and design needs.

Drawbacks of Resin tub

  • Resin bathtubs are more expensive compared to acrylic bathtubs and require professional installation.
  • The resin tub can be a bit unappealing at first because the surface will look cracked and less attractive. However, this is due to its gel coating wearing off over time.

What is the expected lifespan of resin tubs?

The expected lifespan of resin tubs is a matter of debate. The expected lifespan of a tub is hard to estimate because it varies greatly with usage and handling. If a tub is used in fresh water, rather than salt water, then the lifespan may reach up to twenty years. If a tub is used in saltwater, then the lifespan may decrease to only three years. Most tubs that are exposed to water, oxygen and sunlight will start to develop problems after a few years.

What is better from Resin vs acrylic tub

Both kinds of tubs are good, resin or acrylic, Depends on your budget and other things. While acrylic tubs cost less but require lots of maintenance, resin tubs are more durable and last longer but cost more. So if you’re looking for durability and longevity, then resin tubs are the best, as they are made to withstand up to 500 pounds of weight. But if you’re looking for a bargain, then acrylic tubs are best to go. Acrylic tubs material is practically indestructible, making it the perfect material for tubs in a household with young children.

Conclusion: Resin vs acrylic tub

Resin and Acrylic are both types of bathroom tubs, though they are quite different from each other. For example, a resin tub is made of hard plastic called polyester, while an acrylic tub is made of a soft plastic called polymethyl methacrylate. Both resins and acrylics are strong, durable, and long-lasting, and both will last for many years. The choice is yours! Check out some of the above-mentioned factors to consider when choosing between a resin tub and an acrylic tub.

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